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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
P500 Townhouse ₱ 891 K 38.88 sqm +/- Livable Area
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Total Contract Price: Php 917,300
Reservation: Php 10,000
Total Down Payment: Php 122,300
Monthly Down Payment: Php 9,358 (for 1 year)
Loan Amount: Php 795,000
Term 20 years: Php 6,899
Term 25 years: Php 6,402
Term 30 years: Php 6,113
Total Contract Price: Php 913,800
Spot Cash (8% discount): Php 840,700
Reservation: Php 10,000
Deffered Cash (24 months): Php 38,254
Total DP (20% of TCP): Php 182,760
Spot (20% DP w/ 3% discount): Php 177,277
Down Payment (3 mos.): Php 57,587
Down Payment (6 mos.): Php 28,793
Down Payment (9 mos.): Php 19,196
Down Payment (12 mos.): Php 14,397
Balance (80% of TCP): Php 731,040
5 years @ 15%: Php 18,574
7 years @ 17%: Php 16,122
10 years @ 19%: Php 14,829

Why Get a Home at the Westwood Mansions

If you are looking for a house and are still comparing numerous residential developments, you’d probably give more consideration to the cost of the properties. This is what many home buyers would do. But if you really want to get the best, you should first look at the general features of the community where the house is located. This is of utmost importance as it will affect your quality of life in the long run. Who would want to live in a community where security is always an issue. Or who would want to live in a community that is surrounded with an eye sore or is constantly battling floods?

If you want to live peacefully, comfortably and elegantly, get a unit at the Westwood Mansions. The houses here are well-designed and located inside a community where the security and safety of the residents are the number one priority. The greeneries as well as the aesthetics in the surroundings are just relaxing. In this gated community, you’d also enjoy many facilities and amenities that are not available in other developments with comparable costs. Not only that, this community also nurtures good relationships among homeowners.

If you like the best value for your money, invest in houses like those available at the Westwood Mansions. You will really feel that this development is giving you back more than the value of your money. As the demand for homes in Tanza increases, the cost of real estate here also increases. That is why it is best to invest now in a house at the Westwood Mansions while the price is right.

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