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When looking for a home, it is important to check not just the space you are getting but also the overall surroundings of the community as well as its facilities and amenities.

The residents of the Westwood Mansions are fortunate to have access to use the facilities and amenities at the El Sorrento Sports & Country Club. This is a great privilege as this country club is one of the beautiful destinations if you are looking to have a relaxing and enjoyable getaway for your family. 

Aside from access at the El Sorrento Sports & Country Club, there are many other features that the residents of the Westwood Mansions could enjoy which include:

  • Safety and security features – For the peace of mind of its residents, the vicinity of the Westwood Mansions is surrounded with a high fence and entry to this community is only through the grand entrance gate. There is also a guardhouse where the security personnel operate 24/7.
  • Utilities – A reliable water and electricity supply makes a big difference in your quality of life. You’ll surely have both at the Westwood Mansions. This community has an efficient water and power distribution system. Aside from that, it also has a well-planned drainage system to avoid flooding.
  • Aesthetics – Going home to a clean and green community is refreshing and rejuvenating to the eye. You’ll feel more excited to go home each day. That is exactly what you can expect at the Westwood Mansions. You can see a lot of landscaped parks around. You could also see trees lining up the road. Greeneries are around which makes the place feel cooler. To top it all, there are numerous water features inside the community, taking its aesthetics a notch higher.
  • Amenities for leisure and entertainment – Built as a family-friendly community, this residential development has a lot to offer when it comes to leisure and entertainment. One of the kids’ favorites is the play area where they could safely spend a few hours each day to meet and play with other kids. When you feel like you need to cool off, you could also head to the swimming pool area for a nice plunge. 
  • Other features - Each unit at the Westwood Mansions come with a 20-meter road-right of way that you can use for commercial and other purposes. Aside from that, the streets are also well-lighted so you have no problem navigating even in the evening. Aside from that, they also have a dedicated pedestrian sidewalk and planting strips on the road. This is an advantage as the pedestrian sidewalk could double as a jogging lane.

With all the features listed above, there is no doubt that the Westwood Mansions is a well-planned community with the residents in mind. Inside the village, you’d feel safer to walk, jog or bike around. Your kids can also freely play at the playground or visit their friends. You’d also experience an upgraded lifestyle not just because of the quality of homes they provide but also because of the kind of surroundings you have inside the community.


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